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Professionelle Nagelhautschere Mit Haken EXPERT 51 Typ 3

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Product Description

  • Professional cuticle scissors.
  • Unique hook-tip curve – Staleks patented technology.
  • The hook curve follows the cuticle line resulting in a very precise and accurate cut.
  • The scissors with such tip provide excellent visibility of the working part for the craftsman, there is no need to twist the brush in the sinus area, the hand does not get tired during prolonged work.
  • Tapered thin blades.
  • Straight elongated handles.
  • Classic ring size.
  • Reduced hand fatigue during work thanks to soft, lightweight movement of the scissors.
  • Perfectly polished surface for additional corrosion resistance.
  • High-alloy stainless steel.
  • Resistant to sterilization in dry-oven and autoclave.
  • Suitable for disinfecting with special products.
  • Recommended for manicures.

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