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Disposable Files PapMam (With Soft Foam Layer) EXCLUSIVE 20 (25 Pcs)100 Grit

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Product Description

  • PapmAm Soft – disposable abrasives with a soft foam layer in the form of glueless replaceable files that puts on the base file as a cover.
  • Straight shape.
  • Thin foam layer reduces pressure on the nail plate.
  • Ideally fit the base in size, and due to this, they are tightly fixed on it.
  • Safe soft edges of the papmAm file are made of environmentally friendly craft paper – eliminate the possibility of cutting the client with a file during use.
  • Easy attachment and removal of the file from the base.
  • Clean tool without glue steaks after use.
  • High-quality Swiss premium abrasive Exclusive has high wear resistance.
  • Abrasiveness 100 grit is designed to give length and shape to artificial nails.
  • Abrasiveness 180 grit is designed for correction and shaping of natural and artificial nails.
  • Does not crumble.
  • Suitable for straight bases MBE-20, SPBE-20, WBE-20.
  • For single use.
  • For manicures and pedicures.
  • File size 140*20 mm.
  • 25 pieces per pack.

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